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The following list of questions regarding artificial palms may be used as a quick search for specific information as it is linked to related pages of our website where the information in question is detailed. For any further inquiries concerning Palmex roofs or products, please feel free to contact us.

  • Are Palmex products waterproof?
  • How do Palmex products withstand cold?
  • How do Palmex products stand up to the heat?
  • How do Palmex products handle winds?
  • What kind of maintenance do Palmex products require?
  • What kind of warranties does Palmex provide?
  • Can I install Palmex products myself?
  • How or where do I place an order?

Are Palmex products waterproof?

Palmex roofs are guaranteed to be watertight when placed at 30° pitch or greater. The layering of leaves and the fastening method provide for a 100% waterproof construction.

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How do Palmex products withstand cold?

Our product can withstand harsh Canadian winters. The polymer we use is the same polymer used for manufacturing gasoline containers and winter sleds.

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How do Palmex products stand up to the heat?

Polyethylene is a non-reactive material that conducts neither heat nor cold. In addition, compare to their natural counterparts like Polathu or Illuk, our layered installation method (air pockets) provides cooler under-roof temperatures year-long, in all seasons and throughout the product’s entire lifespan.

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How do Palmex products handle winds?

According to tests carried out in a specialized technical laboratory, Palmex products can resist winds of up to 170 km/h – 106 mph.

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What kind of maintenance do Palmex products require?

NONE: Our leaf design allows for simple, natural elimination of any residue.

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What kind of warranties does Palmex provide?

A 20-year* warranty covers regular Palmex products sold in Sri Lanka. Natural thatch roofs currently available in Sri Lanka do not come with a warranty.

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Can I install Palmex products myself?

You can install the Rio/Domingo leaves yourself and extensive instructions on how to install them are available. Although the procedure is somewhat simple, it does require some manual ability or experience. We will assist you as much as possible in that respect. The Bora-Bora/Aloha leaves however will not be sold without installation.

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How or where do I place an order?

Before starting building a structure or ordering, we advise getting in touch with us to eliminate the risks of building uselessly expensive and non-conformed roof designs. Consult our “Contact” page for further information.

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(*) Warranty: 20 years diminutive warranty on Palmex products except Palma Cana warranty of only 12 years.



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